Vacuum Pump

In order to turn using vacuum, you will need a vacuum pump and/or motor. Due to the seriousness of injury that can occur due to vacuum pump failure, our R&D was extensive and thorough. For this reason, we decided on a superior vacuum pump for vacuum chucking purposes.

Oneway's Vacuum Pump has the following Specifications:

  • 1/4 HP (Horse Power)
  • Will draw 26½ inches of mercury
  • 4.5 CFM at open
  • Internal filters to keep sawdust and contaminants from entering the pump
  • High quality, oil-less carbon vane pump to ensure no environmental contamination
  • Low noise levels
  • 110 Volt power reuqirement
  • Made in USA

IMPORTANT: We recommend a MINIMUM draw of 20 INCHES of mercury.


Vacuum Pump

Package Includes

  • Vacuum Pump

Package Weight

Approx. 37 lbs

Not sure how the Vacuum System works?

Click Here to view a picture of the Complete Vacuum Kit Assembly